Back to Back National Champs!!

Back to Back National Champs!!

The Red Ravens played the Cobras of Parkland on their return to the National Championship. The Red Ravens were the number one seed but Parkland was not to be overlooked finishing the season 53-2. Both teams are the best this was set to be an exciting one.

The Raven's strike first, scoring the first 2 points in the set. Parkland scores one but the ravens retaliate with 5 more straight points, giving the Ravens a 6-1 lead. Ravens come out looking very powerful, Adianez Reyes Rivera with several devastating kills. Along with the power they showed on the court The Ravens showed tremendous blocking ability, Bailee Ulery coming up with several huge blocks on the Ravens front. Parkland calls a timeout down 17-11 to talk things over, which didn't seem to do much good, the Ravens didn't give much for the rest of the set allowing only 7 more points and finished Parland off in set 1, winning 25-18.

In the start of set 2 the Ravens gave up two points getting off to a slow start ,but forced a come back. Adianez Reyes Rivera got the Ravens their momentum back with big kill finishing off a long back and forth volley making the score 2-5. Ravens continued to rally tying the game 5-5 but ended up getting down 5-8. The Ravens called a timeout and got back on the court focused battling back to a 8-8 with back to back blocks by Erianna Murray. The Ravens later took the lead going on a 6 point scoring streak putting them up 18-12. The Ravens battled back from behind in set 2 winning the set, 25-17

In set 3 the Ravens could sniff the title, going up 2-0 to start. The cobras could feel their chance at a title going by the wasteside and turned it on tying the set at 4. The Ravens aren't ones to play with their food though, up 8-7 the ravens score 4 straight, give up one point then scored another 4 straight. The ravens with the help of some great defense absolutely dominate the rest of the set allowing only 16 points the entire set. The Raven win set 3, the match, and the NJCAA National Title (again), 25-16.

Adianez Reyes Rivera wins MVP of the tournament and Seliann Rodriguez and Dekyra Dennis made the All-Tournament Team. Delice Downing also walked away with some hardware winning Coach of the Tournament. Delice Downing also walked away with some hardware winning Coach of the Tournament.

The Red Raven Volleyball team finish the season 40-3 and National Champions, Great season ladies, Congratulations!

      Story Written By Brett Carson and Radford Beasley III