#1 Ravens Win District N; Back to West Virginia

#1 Ravens Win District N; Back to West Virginia

The number 1 Red Ravens took on the Tigers of Cowley in a qualifying match where the winner would go to the national championship tournament in West Virginia. The Ravens started fast in set 1 taking a quick 7-5 lead. Cowley took spark and fired back and tied the set at 8. In a back and forth match the Ravens and Tigers trade blows until CCC turns in on taking a 19-12 lead. The girls would allow one more point for the Tigers and win the set 25-13.

Set 2 was another close one. But the ravens would keep a lead or keep it tied throughout most of the set. Ravens fell behind 2-3 then take a lead back on the next 2 serves. CCC called for a timeout with the set tied at 18. After the timeout, Seliann Rodriguez comes out with a very well placed serve to come up with an ACE. With the set tied at 21, Cowley manages to take the lead for the first time since the beginning of the set. The ravens would fight back but to no prevail, cowley defeats them in set 2, 22-25.

Set 3 was a well fought set for Coffeyville. They took the first 3 points of the set but Cowley would crawl back slowly but surely. Tying the set 13 and taking the lead 13-14. They wouldn't give the lead back to the Ravens but the ladies kept it very close, coming within 2 several times until they would finally fall in set 3, 21-25.

After dropping the previous 2 sets and risking elimination the Ravens would find their stride. Taking the first 2 points yet again. They would dance with the Tigers giving up the lead 10-12. DIgging deep, thinking of their season being over the Ravens would hit a whole new level of good taking back the lead 13-12 and never letting it go again going on to win the set and keeping their season alive, 25-18.

Set 5 was a very exciting one, first one to 15 wins and the Ravens turn it on early, taking the first 2 again but Cowleys season is on the line here to and they do not roll over tying it at 2. The Ravens are all ready to pack their bags for West Virginia though taking a commanding lead of 13-4 and eventually going on to win the set, 15-6 making them regional champs and securing a spot in the National Tournament!

Next match is TBD, Good Luck at nationals ladies, bring home a championship!

        Story written by Brett Carson